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Do you enjoy the look and feel of tinted windows? Are you tired of your car turning into an oven in the summertime? Conveniently located in Coral Springs, Coral Tint and Accessories Inc. will perform quality tinting for vehicles, homes, yachts and businesses in all colors, sizes and styles in the South Florida area. We even do custom jobs. We are auto, residential, commercial and marine window tint specialist. Call us today!

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Coral Tint and Accessories Inc. Window Tinting carries Suntek commercial window films. These commercial solar films are the best optically clear polyester films available and have better pressure sensitive adhesives. They are the most durable and attractive films available right now. These are constantly examined and improved, delivering a high-temp, high-shear construction that will not flake, bubble, or delaminate as a result of high temperature or age.

A durable scratch resistant coating protects the film’s surface from scratches caused by dirt, dust, and normal wear. Each product is backed by a vast manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees the replacement of any Suntek window film that does not function to product specs.

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Increased Safety

As you may know, sunlight also contains detrimental ultraviolet rays. These rays can damage your skin and eyes in addition to other things. Furniture and fabrics in general placed in close proximity to a window will fade after a bit. Many window films will prevent as much as ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet rays, safeguarding you and your furniture from these harmful rays of sunlight. On top of all these other issues, window films can augment the safety of glass by preventing razor-sharp pieces when smashed.

Home Window Tint Should Be Installed In Every Home

Home window tint is manufactured in lots of separate types. If you need to guard your home’s privacy, choose a window tint with a greater reflective rate. That way, you can observe out, but you cannot look in during the daylight hours. During nighttime, of course it does not allow for nearly as much privacy, so it is good to shut the blinds at night once you’ve enjoyed all day long!

Make Your House More Attractive

Even though the leading objective of solar window film isn’t an embellishment function, it can make your house look better on the outside. Curb appeal is important to most homeowners.

Home window tinting will block or obscure your belongings from the exterior (dependent upon its reflectivity). Solar window film is manufactured in lots of colors and shades also, so it can complement your home’s character.

The lifespan of solar window film is approximately fifteen years, with a payback period of only 2-3 years. Home window tinting should absolutely be considered as a first step to enhancing home energy conservation, your health, and privacy.