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There is a reason Auto Dealers choose Coral Tint for their Automotive Window Tinting services. We use state of the art computer cut system that increases consistence and accuracy for your vehicle. The Computer Cut System provides micro edge to ensure the film fits perfectly on all make and model vehicles. Products sold are all compatible with any kind of technology such as bluetooth, tire sensors, navigation, smart phones, and sun pass. We use only the best products which reduce heat and glare to block the damaging UV rays that can deteriorate your cars interior over a period of time, while providing you comfort. It is very easy to get misled from flea markets, gas stations, and installers working out of their car. They can charge low prices for a simple reason they use cheap window film that will eventually fade, bubble or peel within a very short time frame of your installation. We have a convenient location in Coral Springs Fl.

We Have Multiple Options to Choose From—Get the Best for Your Window Tinting needs

At Coral Tint, we give you multiple options to choose from. We have a wide variety of window tint and film styles, including different shades, colors, UV-blocking properties, and prices so you can find the right tint for your specific needs and budget and since our films are cut for your specific vehicle, our installers in Coral Springs Fl can easily provide a seamless, factory quality fit on all your windows. Coral Tint employees have over 30 years of combined window tinting experience, so you expect a clean, precision installation every time.

Auto tinting is one of the most common tint services selected and one of the best proactive decisions you can make for maintaining your vehicle. We can tint any size window on any vehicle. We have a selection of different grade of tint for your desired result. Call Coral Tint Coral Springs Fl for a free estimate.

Benefits Of Auto Tinting

The sun damages your car’s inside over time, discoloring and heating up the interior. Tinting can block out 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping the car cool and protected throughout the hot Florida summers.
Window Tinting is also beneficial for passengers in the car. Avoid the dangers of being blinded by the sun and protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a window tint application. This is a particularly important consideration if you often have children in the car.
Not only does tint have a practical purpose, but it also is a great aesthetic addition to any vehicle. Call us today for more details! Hand with Smartphone and wireless internet  free icon954-752-5672

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